MA Work

MA Work

The skills of being a historian take time to master and any good historian worth his or her salt will readily admit the learning process is ongoing . As for myself, many of the pieces of this puzzle fell into place when I undertook an MA in social and cultural history. Instead of exams, we were asked to formulate a question on a topic that was tied with each module and then write an essay of around 5,000 words. Most of my work is presented here, although not in its original form as I subsequently tightened up much of the word flow and edited numerous paragraphs. I have tried to maintain a clear and engaging style and I'm sure there is much here to engage people's interest.


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Creed of the Assassins

Long misunderstood, even in the Middle East, this essay explores the medieval Nizari Ismaili vision of an ideal state.

Cathedrals of Consumption

Were London's department stores of the 1870s-1890s a place for female emancipation or gilded cages? And are there shared themes with the rise of German department stores?   

Morris on the Thames

William Morris was influenced by his love of the River Thames throughout his life. This essay explores his relationship with the river, particularly through the prism of News from Nowhere.

Top of the Docks

Today, the London dock strike of 1889 is viewed as a seminal event in British labour relations and industrial disputes. But what were the real motives of the strikers and their leaders?

Saloon Service

New York City witnessed the rise and rise of saloons from 1845-1895, causing consternation among self-appointed moral guardians. Beyond the vitriol, life in the saloon was a very different world.

Devolved City

A 'lost section' of work that sought to look at late Victorian and early Edwardian views on degeneration and mutation. This includes commentary on the life and death of Joeseph Merrick.