The Second World War

It is no exaggeration to say the world we live in is still greatly influenced by the Second World War. But as a social and cultural historian, I find myself less interested in the geo-political or 'Top Down' considerations, important as they are; I am  more intrigued by the thoughts, hopes and goals of the individual and how they tied in to the overall experience of being at war. I hope readers will find the stories of the Poles in the Second World War of particular interest. The Polish war record, while ably recorded in their mother tongue, has, for one reason or another, often been overlooked by many English-speaking historians. Thankfully, this had been corrected since 2000, with valuable reappraisals now available that are essential reading for anyone interested in the Second World War. In a small way, I hope my work offers readers a little bit more insight as well.

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This section is dedicated to the men and women I have interviewed who witnessed the Second World War.

The masters of Monte Cassino

The Polish pilot

First steps to freedom, Narvik, 1940

The art of survival: Axis POWs

Eagles on the Rhine

Who killed Yamamoto?

Kowalski's war

Volleyed and thundered, 1940

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