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Welcome to my website; here you will find articles, features and essays I have written over the years on all sorts of historical subjects. For the casual reader, I hope there is plenty here to inform, interest and amuse. For the historian, please note that many of these articles were written for popular consumption and have not been referenced, excepting my MA work. However, I would stress that I always try to be as thorough as possible in my research, and that the facts and figures presented here were the best to hand at the time of writing.

This website is a labour of love; it is a place where I can showcase my work  and, if possible, also help people discover or rediscover just how exciting the past can be. A great deal of time, effort and research has been invested these features and I continue to update and improve them whenever possible (my apologies for any typos or sytax errors). Some of the material presented is in the process of being overhauled. My work is not-for-profit and also comes without the usual array of adwords or advertising that so often litter historical websites today. So please do not cut-and-paste, plagiarise or violate my copyright, even for 'educational purposes'.

I have been running this site for just over 12 years now. Overhauling the work presented has taken far longer than expected and has become something of an ongoing task. However, the next phase is finally on the horizon and will include more images to accompany the features and possibly some embedded YouTube clips where possible. I also hope to add a range of new features shortly.

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Another country

L P Hartley famously wrote: 'The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there'. That's certainly true, for history can be fascinating and strange, familiar and alien. But history is like a lighthouse too, warning us to avoid the rocks on which others were dashed.

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